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The National Talking Express is registered as a National Charity Registration No. 801993

We receive no Government grants and therefore rely chiefly for funding on donations from outside agencies, individuals, or members. Your donations will go towards purchasing and maintaining recording equipment and media, rent for our small office and duplicating room, and the salary of a part-time volunteer coordinator. Most of the recording of the magazines is carried out by volunteers.

You can help us raise funds by:

Giving with Confidence

Fundraising Regulator LogoAs we are registered with the Fundraising Regulator, NTE agrees to raise funds in accordance with the Fundraising Code of Practice. We are also committed to managing complaints using the procedure outlined below.

Complaints Procedure

We hope that nobody will ever feel the need to complain about the way in which we raise funds to produce audio magazines for the blind. However, if a complaint is received, we will follow a clear procedure.

A complaint can be made to us by website contact form, post, audio media, or telephone (details here). We will acknowledge it within 14 days. We will try to resolve the complaint as promptly and amicably as possible. The Complaints Coordinator (Development Officer), will investigate the complaint, in consultation with the Chairman. We will advise the complainant of the outcome of this investigation within 30 days. It the complainant is still dissatisfied, s/he will have two months from the date of our response to refer the complaint to the Fundraising Regulator, and we will tell her/him how to do that.

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