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General Data Protection Regulations 2018 Policy

The National Talking Express is registered as a National Charity Registration No. 801993

With the introduction of the GDPR 2018 Regulations, the National Talking Express now complies with requirements in line with the Regulations. We take your privacy and data very seriously. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the policy, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

National Talking Express Data Protection Policy: Revised 6th Feb 2019

National Talking Express Data Protection Policy

The following terms are set forth for the National Talking Express, a charitable organisation registered in England and Wales, Registration Number: 801993.

  1. These terms replace any previous terms stated or implied concerning the protection of personal data of individuals or organisations that the National Talking Express requires in order to carry out its activities.
  2. For the purpose of this document certain terms are used herein. These words and phrases are explained in the definition section underneath.
  3. The organisation only collects data on individuals and organisations solely for the purposes of administering its membership and subscription lists.
  4. All data captured by the Organisation is purely on a voluntary basis. Any data captured is done by request, and only for administering the aims and objectives of the organisation.
  5. The Organisation never sells data to anyone. Since there is no sales associated with the organisation, no commercial data is available for capture.
  6. The only data captured for the purposes of providing relevant services includes:
    a) Title, First Name & Surname/Last Name.
    b) Postal Address, Postcode and Country if different from the United Kingdom.
    c) Landline and Mobile Telephone numbers (optional).
    d) Email (optional).
    e) Choice Of Format for correspondence.
  7. No other sensitive data is necessary, and is therefore not requested.
  8. With reference to condition 7(e), the choice of format is deemed necessary to meet the accessibility requirements of the membership and organisation.
  9. The organisation has expressly stated in its aims and objectives that it caters primarily for blind and partially sighted people. Therefore, condition 7(e) is sufficient for not providing any identifiable details of a sensitive nature about the membership.
  10. The data is only maintained on one central computer, which is located behind lock and key at the organisation’s registered address.
  11. At present, local snapshots of the user data are only made available to the elected members of the organisation. Local snapshots are taken on secure flash drives, and no other persons have access to any other data than what is held by Charity Commission UK in the public domain.
  12. Data captured by local snapshots is only maintained locally on computers held by the persons mentioned in condition 12. This is mainly done to aid accessibility with a screen reader, and for logistic purposes.
  13. In due course, the organisation aims to move to a more modern, centrally managed solution. However, access will continue to be restricted to the persons mentioned in condition 12. Any such changes will be informed to all persons concerned in the format of their choice.
  14. For compliance purposes, the roles of Data Processor, Data Controller and Data Protection will be created. These roles will be confirmed subject to approval at the Organisation’s Annual General Meeting. All appointments will be communicated to the general public and all persons concerned.
  15. The organisation uses Microsoft Office for data usage and manipulation. At any such instance, the Privacy and Data Protection policies set forth by Microsoft will apply.
  16. The Organisation uses PayPal and Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) for the purposes of raising charitable donations. At all such instances, the terms set forth by PayPal and CAF respectively, shall apply.
  17. The Organisation uses Barclays Bank PLC Ltd for its banking services. At any instance that an external person(s) require the use of the Organisation’s banking services, the terms set forth by Barclays Bank PLC Ltd shall apply.
  18. All terms shall be communicated to the Charity Commission UK for guidance and verification, subject to approval by the Committee.
  19. Final draft of these terms will be communicated to all persons concerned, in the format of their choice.
  20. These terms will also be made available on the Organisation’s website.
  21. Any grievance(s) in relation to these terms must be addressed to the Organisation’s Data Protection Officer in the first instance.
  22. If a satisfactory outcome from condition 22 is not achieved, the matter may be raised to the Ombudsman’s Office.
  23. Any queries regarding the Data Protection Policy must be made, preferrably in writing, by contacting the charity's office.


  1. The term organisation refers to the National Talking Express and any parties directly or indirectly linked to or representing the functions of the above named.
  2. The term activities refers to actions carried out by the National Talking Express in line with its charitable aims and objectives.
  3. The term subscription refers to receiving and distributing the organisation’s publications and mailing lists.
  4. The term publication refers to the two magazines, namely National Talking Express and Media Roundup, that are produced by the organisation.
  5. The term membership refers to individuals and organisations who have paid National Talking Express in order to receive its publications for the duration of one calendar year. Full membership equates to an annual subscription of £10 and entitles the payee to stand for the Committee and vote at the Annual General Meeting. Associate membership equates to an annual payment of £5 with no voting rights.

Giving with Confidence

Fundraising Regulator LogoAs we are registered with the Fundraising Regulator, NTE agrees to raise funds in accordance with the Fundraising Code of Practice. We are also committed to managing complaints using the procedure outlined below.

Complaints Procedure

We hope that nobody will ever feel the need to complain about the way in which we raise funds to produce audio magazines for the blind. However, if a complaint is received, we will follow a clear procedure.

A complaint can be made to us by website contact form, post, audio media, or telephone (details here). We will acknowledge it within 14 days. We will try to resolve the complaint as promptly and amicably as possible. The Complaints Coordinator (Development Officer), will investigate the complaint, in consultation with the Chairman. We will advise the complainant of the outcome of this investigation within 30 days. It the complainant is still dissatisfied, s/he will have two months from the date of our response to refer the complaint to the Fundraising Regulator, and we will tell her/him how to do that.

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