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NTE E-mail Discussion List

We have a discussion list on GoogleGroups where subscribers may post anything concerning The National Talking Express magazine, our aims and objectives, or any other relevant matters relating to the charity.

We request, however, that messages addressed to specific persons (such as the Chair, Secretary, WebMaster, magazine editors or Treasurer) should not be sent to the list but directly via the contact form on the website and/or the the email address given in the latest edition of the magazine.

We only allow messages in plain text format, at present (as on 14 June 2006), GoogleGroups lists allow attachments which cannot be blocked, so it is imperative that all subscribers make sure their system is fully protected from viruses and intruders by keeping their virus and firewall software fully updated and ensure that all updates are applied immediately.

To join the list contact Colin Howard via the contact form which is below. Please include your Firstname and Surname in the query:

Fill in the contact form

Colin will make you a member of the list. Shortly afterwards, you should receive a welcome Email, start receiving posts from the list, and normally will see your own returned to you.

Once you have successfully joined, to send a message to the list send and email to:

If you wish to leave the discussion group, send a blank email to:

The discussion list is managed by Colin R. Howard.

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