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National Talking Express Notice Board

We hope that NTE members and organisations that represent individuals who are visually impaired will post events and notices of interest to our members.

Please send notices for publication to the office  using the contact form

Phil Troll on Big L Radio

I thought some of you might be interested to know, that I am presenting a radio show weekly on BigL Radio, Saturday, between 8pm and 10pm on the Internet, via the Big L website. My show is repeated the following Thursday, 1.00 a.m. to 3.00 a.m. The 128k stereo stream is the best sound quality. It will play in Winamp, Realplayer or Windows Media Player. There are lower bit rate streams if you want to listen from your mobile phone, whilst on the move. If you have a Nokia phone, you can download Nokia internet radio from the Nokia website and look for Big L, or you can also download and use Virtual Radio and do the same. If you have an iPhone or an Android phone, download an app called ‘TuneIn’, where you can also listen to Big L.

Also you can listen on demand at any time, or download the mp3s of my show, which is in two hourly parts from the the podcast page. Next, look for my name, as other DJs have their Listen Again links on there too.

I play mostly 50s, 60s and 70s music, with a few from the 80s. People can email me with dedications and requests and they will be played on the next week’s show.

I hope some of you will join me. If you do, Enjoy!

End of notice


Planning Aid for London has produced an audio guide that is designed to help young people who are blind or partially sighted, to get more involved in the design, planning and management of their communities.

It is a sad fact that very few young people with disabilities, let alone those who are blind or partially sighted take part in decision making that shapes how neighbourhoods, towns and cities are planned, developed, designed and managed. However, research has shown that blind and partially sighted young people have many specific concerns and needs that are not being addressed by a range of decision makers, including town planners. Many young people who are blind or partially sighted remain isolated, unable to access the same facilities and services that sighted young people can, and are rarely engaged in what is happening in the area around them. Among many young people there is a lack of awareness of the ways that they can improve their physical environment and access to services and facilities. This is why we developed this guide. And we did it with the help of young people who are visually impaired themselves, young students from Linden Lodge Special School in Wimbledon. The audio guide is suitable for young people and their carers, and provides useful information on how to get involved in the planning of your area.

There are six tracks in the guide. Track 1 gives a general introduction to what the guide is for, what it covers and who was involved in putting it together; track 2 will give you some basic background on what town planning is, what it involves and how it affects you; track 3 is about travel and transport, which also covers roadwork’s, road crossings and car parking; track 4 is all about leisure and recreation and all those things which keep us active and healthy; track 5 looks at how you can get involved in making improvements to your local area, and the last track 6 is all about how you can get involved in the planning of your area.

Some of the issues brought up by the young people we spoke to when making this guide, and those who spoke on this guide, include: young people using taxis to get around, having to navigate their way along streets where dog mess and rubbish bags provide constant obstacles, poorly located tactile paving and problems with using road crossings, access into and around train and underground stations, and the distances people have to travel to get to leisure and recreation facilities. All of these and other issues can be shaped by Planning, and the guide provides some useful pointers for young people who are visually impaired as to how they can resolve many of these matters by talking to the planners.

The audio guide was produced in partnership with National Talking express. NTE was the first audio magazine in the UK (launched in 1979) to be produced in stereo. It is a magazine that covers general topics relating to Visual Impairment, and is accessible via a website in MP3 format, and in cassette and CD formats. NTE wants to broaden its appeal to young people who are blind or partially sighted as they currently make up a very small proportion of their audience.

For further information about the guide and other services we might be able to provide to visually impaired young people in a variety of settings, please contact Adam Brown at Planning Aid for London on 020 7247 4900

Who Are Planning Aid For London?

Planning Aid for London provides professional and independent advice to individuals, local communities and small businesses in Greater London on matters to do with town planning, regeneration and development of all kinds. Whether someone wants to build an extension on their house or a local group of residents want to save an area popular with the local community from being developed for a car park, we can help. We have also helped local people have their say on developments such as the creation of the Olympic Park in East London, King’s Cross, Stratford Town Centre and the new Wembley Stadium. As well as professional advice we also run training courses, education projects with young people in schools and youth clubs, and produce a range of publications for the public and professionals in the field.

You can find out more about our work, as well as the activities and services we are developing for young people, on our website which you can see at

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Royal Society for Blind Children, Workshops

The Royal Society for Blind Children offers workshops for jobseekers. Follow the link below for further information. Royal Society for Blind Children.

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